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Parties to a construction or engineering contract

Typically, who are the parties to an engineering or construction contract or package of contracts and who is responsible to whom?



The main parties involved in a construction project are:

Owner/client (maître d'ouvrage)

This is the party procuring the work (typically, a landowner or developer). In relation to building contracts, this entity is usually referred to as the 'owner'.

Contractor (entrepreneur)

A main building contractor is engaged by the owner to carry out and complete the works. This contractor will usually, in turn, engage sub-contractors to carry out and complete separate parts of the works. It is also possible for the owner to enter into several contracts, each contractor being responsible for part of the works.

Architect (maître d'oeuvre)

The architect is the party in charge of drawing up the plans, and is responsible for the implementation of the project.


This is the term used to describe the banks who provide finance to the owner.