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Does the law state what has to be achieved before 'completion' of the building works can be certified and, if so, can this be overridden by specific terms in the contract? Who would certify completion of building works carried out in accordance with a construction contract?



In Ukraine, completion of building works is defined by the construction contract and design documentation which also defines what has to be achieved before 'completion' of those works. Notwithstanding this principle, the law and construction regulations require that the building may be commissioned on completion of all works envisaged by the relevant design documentation (although façade and site landscaping works may be completed after the commissioning if that occurs during the winter). In the construction contract and design documentation the parties usually agree on a wider scope of works to be completed before the new construction is handed over to the customer.

The commissioning of the building/other facility is certified by the local Inspectorate of Construction and Architecture Control (the state authority with responsibility for construction issues) or the architectural department of the municipality (for the area in which the relevant building/other facility is located) by means of the issuance of a Certificate of Compliance (for technically complex projects) or registration of a Declaration of the Readiness for Use of a Completed Construction Project (for technically simple projects). The completion of construction works envisaged in the construction contract is usually certified by execution of the act of acceptance of the completed works/facility between the client for the works, the general contractor and other contractors.