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Health and safety

In this country, what are the main rules relating to health and safety on construction sites? Do these rules in any way relate to the use of the development after construction is completed?



Safety standards in Canada are regulated by the provinces and territories, each one having its own occupational health and safety legislation. However, there is federal legislation that relates to employees of the federal government, as well as to employees of federally regulated businesses and industries, such as:

  • banks;
  • marine shipping, ferry and port services;
  • air transportation;
  • telephone; radio and television broadcasting;
  • inter-provincial services such as railways, road transportation, pipelines, and bridges;
  • businesses dealing with the protection of fisheries as a natural resource;
  • many First Nation activities;
  • most federal Crown corporations; and
  • private businesses essential to the operation of a federal act.

In most cases, contractors must be registered with their local workers’ safety organization. There are specific rules in each province and federally to protect the health and safety of works on construction sites. Different rules apply when construction is completed.