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Health and safety

In this country, what are the main rules relating to health and safety on construction sites? Do these rules in any way relate to the use of the development after construction is completed?



General issues and concepts for health and safety on construction sites are determined in Ukraine by the Law of Ukraine ‘On the Protection of Labour’ No. 2694-XII, dated 14 October 1992 and the Law of Ukraine ‘On the Approval of the National Initiative for the Improvement of the State of Safety, Health  and Manufacturing Sectors for 2014-2018’ No. 178-VII, dated 4 April 2013 (the ‘Initiative’).

The Initiative envisages that Ukrainian legislation in the sphere of health and safety protection should be brought into compliance with EU regulations and contains general guidelines to be followed in order to achieve this. More specific rules are laid down in regulations, eg State Construction Regulations or State Sanitary Regulations. It should be noted that important international conventions on health and safety in construction (eg Convention of International Organization of Labour No. 167, dated 20 June 1988 on Safety and Construction Health) have still not been ratified by Ukraine.

Depending on the designated use of a building (eg an industrial facility) some rules relating to health and safety may be applicable to the operation of that building after completion of the construction works.