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Licences and permits

What official permissions, licences or consents are required by a building or engineering contractor before it can start work?



Recently the Ukrainian government initiated the reform of construction licensing providing for transition from licensing the construction companies to granting qualifying certificates to professionals engaged into construction. Procedure for issuing construction licenses was cancelled and since 18 March 2020 no construction licenses can be issued.

Still licenses are still required until new amendments are implemented into core Ukrainian laws regarding to licensing.  Licences issued before March 2020 remain in force. Currently only carrying out of certain construction works (general construction and installation works, construction of infrastructure and transport objects) which are classified as works related to construction of objects with medium (II class) and essential consequences (III class) require construction license. In order to be entitled to carry out such construction works a contractor must hold the relevant licence (new licenses cannot be issued at the moment). Design and engineering works related to construction of objects with medium and essential consequences are not subject to licensing and only require the availability of appropriate certificate.

Additionally, those who directly carry out separate construction, design and engineering works related to construction of objects with non-essential consequences are required to be properly qualified to carry out such works, as confirmed by certificates of qualification.

On 17 January 2017 Ukrainian Parliament adopted the law introducing amendments to town-planning legislation, which came into force on 10 June 2017. According to introduced amendments, all buildings are now divided into three classes of consequences instead of five categories of complexity: I class buildings with non-essential consequences, II class buildings with medium consequences and III class buildings with essential consequences.

Most official permissions and consents necessary for the commencement of works (including input data for planning, examination of planning documentation, permit for performance of construction works, etc) must be obtained by the developer (the party procuring the work and having rights to the relevant plot of land).