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Other liability to end user

To what extent would an architect, another designer, the building contractor or any subcontractor have liability for any physical damage or economic loss suffered by the end-user(s) of a completed development? Can such liability be excluded in any way?



In general, there is no contractual relationship between the parties employed in the design and construction of the development (architects, engineers, other consultants, main building contractor and sub-contractors) and the end users of the completed building. These parties will only be responsible for damage under the law of tort (ie a culpable breach of regulations providing for the security of end users or culpable interference with the absolute rights of the end users). Pure economic losses are in principle not covered by this liability.

Due to the fact that it is in most cases easier and more beneficial for an end user to claim against its contractual partner (ie landlord/developer) or quasi-contractual partner (ie prospective business partner), an end user would usually claim damages from that contractual partner and not enforce damage claims under law of tort against the parties employed in the design and construction of the development.