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Rights of purchasers, tenants and banks

How are third parties who are not parties to the construction contract – such as purchasers, tenants and lending banks providing finance towards the development – afforded protection and given rights against the original designers and contractors involved in the design and construction of the project?



Due to the lack of a contractual relationship between third parties (such as purchasers, tenants and lending banks) and the contractor, the rules of extra-contractual liability generally apply. These rules mean that no direct claims can be made by these parties against contracting parties, except where the conditions for extra-contractual liability are fulfilled (in accordance with the rules of tort). Parties are extra-contractually liable for any damage suffered by a third party, to the extent that (1) there is damage and (2) it has been caused by their default or negligence.

Under French law, the 10-year liability period which applies to structural damage caused to the building benefits successive owners of the building.