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Corporate vehicles

Set-up costs

How much does it cost to set up each type of corporate vehicle used to invest in real estate?



Limited Liability Company, additional liability company, joint stock company, partnership and commandite partnership

Incorporating any of the above entities in Ukraine involves:

  • The cost of the apostille, translation and notarization of the incorporation documents (applicable to documents executed in foreign jurisdictions)
  • Notary's fees and expenses relating to opening a bank account, as well as the cost of any professional advisors, and
  • The cost of audit services required when the issuance of shares is registered (for a joint-stock company only)

According to the Law of Ukraine ‘On Amending Certain Laws of Ukraine Relating to the Identification of the Final Beneficiaries of Legal Entities and Public Individuals’ No. 1701-VII dated 14 October 2014, during the state registration of a new legal entity, a list of and information about the founders of legal entity being registered, information about its final beneficial owners and the structure of the founding legal entities must be disclosed. In the process of the state registration of a legal entity, the state registrar to identify beneficiary owners thereof shall obtain from such legal entity a notarized copy of the identification document of a beneficiary owner as well as the ownership structure of the legal entity.

With effect from 1 January 2016 the procedure for state registration of the incorporation of legal entities in Ukraine has been simplified by the Law of Ukraine No. 835-VIII dated 26 November 2015. This has amended the Law of Ukraine ‘On State Registration of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs’.

The principle of exterritoriality of registration activities has been adopted in Ukraine. As of today, this principle applies with some limits established for business securing. Thus, it is possible to register a new legal entity with any registration body regardless of the location of the legal entity, but within boundaries of Autonomous Republic of Crimea, a region and cities of Kyiv or Sevastopil, where the initial registration of such entity was performed. However, if the documents for registration activities are submitted in electronic form, the registration is effected irrespectively of location of a legal entity within Ukraine. Any registration activity regarding any legal entity can now be undertaken with any Ukrainian notary, but within boundaries of Autonomous Republic of Crimea, a region and cities of Kyiv or Sevastopil. Notaries can effect the registration and liquidation of legal entities, and introduce amendments to the constitutional documents etc on equal terms with state registrars.