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Residential leases

Specific laws

Are there any categories of residential leases that are subject to specific laws (e.g. short term leases for tourists; state supported leases for low income tenants, leases for students, etc.)?

UK - England and Wales UK - England and Wales

UK - England and Wales

The default for all residential tenancies is the assured shorthold tenancy. However, Schedule 1 of the Housing Act 1988 contains certain tenancies which cannot be assured shorthold tenancies, for example resident landlords and tenancies where the rent payable is greater than £100,000 per annum.

A brief list of the exclusions are:

  • Tenancies entered into before commencement (of the Housing Act);
  • Tenancies of dwelling-houses with high rateable values and where rent payable greater than £100,000 per year (£25,000 Wales until 1 December 2011 then £100k);
  • Tenancies at a low rent (in Greater London, £1,000 or less a year and, if it is elsewhere, £250 or less a year);
  • Business tenancies;
  • Licensed premises (accommodation in same building as pubs, nightclubs etc);
  • Tenancies of agricultural land;
  • Tenancies of agricultural holdings;
  • Lettings to students by universities;
  • Holiday lettings;
  • Resident landlords;
  • Crown tenancies; and
  • Local authority tenancies.