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Residential leases

Termination due to non-payment

Assuming the tenant has not paid its rent for 3 months, how can the landlord terminate the lease and repossess the premises?

UK - England and Wales UK - England and Wales

UK - England and Wales

A court order is needed for possession during the term. A possession order does not take effect until the tenant has been living in the property for six months.

In order to bring proceedings for failure to pay rent the landlord must give either 14 days' notice or two months' notice depending on the breach and type of tenancy. Most tenants tend to leave once this is issued. However, if the tenants don’t leave it will generally take between 6–8 weeks for a judge to grant a possession order. Tenants then have 14 days to vacate following which a bailiff needs to be appointed to remove them. This can take 5–10 weeks.