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Seller's warranties

What seller's warranties are provided under statute in the sale of real estate in this country (for example, as to the state of the building, asbestos etc)?



Seller's warranties for commodity housing (being all real estate that is available on the open market) are set out in the Administrative Measures for the Sale of Commodity Houses (2001).

Under Article 32, the real estate development company must offer the buyer a (rather comprehensive) set of warranties in a Warranty of Residential Building and a Manual for House Use.

Under Article 33, the real estate development company must guarantee the repair of the house sold to the buyer. The parties must agree in the contract on the scope, period (subject to statutory minimums) and responsibility for the guarantee and so on. The period of guarantee is to be calculated from the day of delivery. The real estate development company must keep the house in good repair and be liable for losses resulting if such quality problems occur within the guarantee period and fall within the guarantee scope.

In addition, the Administrative Regulations on the Quality Management of Construction Engineering set out a regime for ensuring developers and construction contractors meet their warranty obligations.