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Form of contract

Are there formal requirements regarding the content and structure of a sale and purchase contract relating to real estate (SPA)?

Czech Republic

Czech Republic

The deed of transfer must be made in writing and the signatures of the parties must be on the same page. The deed must provide full details of the property being transferred, and either what the purchase price is or how this will be determined.

In order to register the contract in the Cadastral Register, the parties' signatures must be authenticated by a notary public, local authority, attorney at law, or by another method prescribed by the Cadastral Act.

Any preliminary contract must take the same form as the final deed of transfer.

The transfer of title is effective upon registration of the buyer's ownership in the Cadastral Register.

What is a typical contract or SPA in this country like?

The content of the contract is negotiable. In addition to the legal requirements, a typical contract includes the method of payment and details of any seller's warranties and representations relating to the property.