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Forms of real estate ownership

What are the categories of property right that can be acquired? Are there any interests in real estate other than exclusive ownership?



In Croatia, the following types of property can be acquired:

  • Full ownership
  • Co-ownership/joint ownership, and
  • Condominium (condominium is sole ownership of a flat or a separate part of a larger parcel of real estate, associated with a co-ownership right over the whole parcel of real estate - etažno vlasništvo)

Real estate interests, other than exclusive ownership, are:

  • Leases
  • Personal easements
  • Real easements, and
  • The right to build

Real easements are rights allowing one landowner to use another's land. These are linked to the land and are binding on future owners of the property, whereas personal easements (usufructs) allow rights to be granted to specific individuals.

The right to reside is another personal right allowing the holder to live in a building owned by someone else.

The right to build allows the holder to erect and maintain their own building on someone else's land and is normally granted for a limited period of time agreed between the landowner and the builder.