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Real estate and public law

What are the most important areas of public law for an investor to consider when purchasing real estate?



The following matters should be verified by the investor:

  • Zoning and town planning provisions: town planning documentation should be checked to establish whether the designated use of the land plot allows construction
  • Building permits and licences – the building must be compliant with the construction documentation and the construction works must have been carried out with the necessary prior authorizations (for example, a construction permit)
  • Permits and approvals from other authorities – all necessary approvals for the acquisition of a plot of land and the construction of buildings must be obtained
  • Encumbrances – any encumbrances registered in public registers for the property must be identified since, in certain cases, these (for example, a tax lien or mortgage) can make the legal acquisition of the asset impossible, and
  • Environmental restrictions and obligations

Acquisition of real estate forming a single integral property complex may require anti-monopoly clearance (in a form of consent of the Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine)