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What are the most important areas of public law for an investor to consider when purchasing real estate?

Czech Republic

Czech Republic

In particular, the following issues should be verified by the buyer:

  • If the building has not yet been constructed, then zoning and town planning provisions should be confirmed. This should be done with reference to the general Zoning Plan (Územní plán) and the related technical rules (in major cities: Obecné technické požadavky na výstavbu or OTP). Checks should include whether the plot of land can be used for its intended purpose and whether any proposed buildings can be constructed on the plot.
  • If the building has already been completed, then a 'use permit for a building' (kolaudační rozhodnutí or kolaudace) or, where applicable, an 'occupancy approval' (kolaudační souhlas) should be obtained and reviewed. This certifies that the building was constructed in accordance with the building permit, complies with the relevant technical regulations and can be used for the purpose stated in the use permit.
  • In all cases, the buyer should review the building permit and technical drawings to ensure they comply with the Zoning Plan, technical regulations etc.