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Is real estate registered/does a reliable register of land ownership exist? Are transfers of title recorded? Is title insurance common?



As from 1 January 2013, title to real estate must be registered in the State Register of Proprietary Rights over Immovable Property as a condition for the validity of the title to real estate.

Since 1 January 2016 registration powers in respect of title to land and other real estate have been decentralized, ie the authority to effect state registration of title to real estate has been passed to the executive bodies of municipalities and legal entities authorized by Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

With effect from 1 January 2013 notaries were authorized to register title to any real estate that is transferred in a transaction notarized by that notary. As from 1 January 2016 the authority of the notaries as a title registration body was broadened and notaries were granted similar powers to register title to real estate as those vested in the state registrars of municipalities or legal entities authorized by Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

The new amendment of the Title Registration Act has set up the principle of extra-territoriality. Thus, the notaries and state registrars of the executive bodies of municipalities can register any title to real estate irrespective of the location of the real estate, but within the boundaries of their region, the cities of Kyiv or Sevastopol.

State registrars acting under the authority of the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice, who were authorized to register title to real estate with effect from 1 January 2013 will exercise their powers until the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on the termination of their authority is adopted.

Claims challenging the decisions, actions and/or inactivity of the state registrars may be filed with the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice of Ukraine or the relevant court.

The information from the State Register of Rights Over Immovable Property is publicly available. In particular, every person has the right to obtain information about the owners of the real estate (including buildings, structures, land plots etc), if those rights are registered in that State Register. Since 1 January 2015 the information in the State Register of the Rights Over Immovable Property has become publicly available online via web-site of the Ministry of Justice at this link.

All transactions affecting real estate (both plots of land and other property) executed prior to 1 January 2013 were also registered with the State Registry of Deeds (a record of transactions) administered by the Ministry of Justice and operated by the notaries. Almost every real estate transaction must be registered with this registry. As from 1 January 2013, registration of real estate transactions is abolished (the State Register of Deeds is discontinued) and replaced with registration of titles under the Title Registration Act.

Are transfers of title recorded in this country?

Almost every transfer of title effected in Ukraine up to 1 January 2013 was subject to mandatory registration in the State Register of Deeds (a record of transactions). As from 1 January 2013, a transfer of title is not subject to registration under Ukrainian law, but only the title itself.

Does title insurance exist in this country?

Some insurance companies offer this kind of insurance, although it is not well established in Ukraine yet.